Mild Cleanser Milk

Extremely mild, skin-action that does not dry out the skin. Suitable friendly cleansing milk that has a mild cleansing for sensitive skin as it does not contain colorants or perfumes.

Mild Cleanser Foam

Mild cleansing foam provides a very special cleansing experience with an intensively moisturizing effect that is suitable for all skin type. Has a calming and anti- irritant effect.

Cleansing Gel Tonic 2 in 1

A refreshing cleansing gel with astringent tonic that tightens the pores and clarifies the blemishes preventing it from forming new ones. For a visibly clean and clear complexion.

HY-OL Cleanser

A plant- base hydrophilic cleansing oil to be use with Phytoactive, which removes oil-soluble dirt such as make up, excessive sebum and water soluble dirt particles such as dirt. Suitable for all skin type. Preservative free.

Phytoactive Sensitive

A calming herbal extract designed or use in combination with HY-OL suitable for sensitive skin, calms and relaxes irritated skin even during cleansing and helps to reduce redness.

Phytoactive Combination

A balancing herbal extract designed for use in combination with Hy-OL. Suitable for combination, oily skin. Refines the pores with anti-bacterial effect.

Rose Toning Lotion

A refreshing toner that is suitable for all skin types. Calms and relaxes the skin after cleansing or a skin exfoliation. It does not contain alcohol or perfumes.

Collagen Booster Cream



A face cream to restructure and pumps up the skin from within with highly effective hyaluronic acid complex and marine collagen to structure the skin and pumps it up intensively from inside. Firms the skin and gives it a youthful appearance.

Sensitive Sun Cream Spf 20



 A sun care cream for the face with medium sun protection factor. The combination of UVA and UVB filters is suitable for sensitive skin.

High Protection Sun Spray Spf30


A fast absorbing sun lotion for sensitive skin with Vitamin E and UVA, UVB filters to reduce the amount of UV radiation that penetrates the skin to protect the skin at the same time supporting the skin’s repair mechanism. Suitable even fore children.

Basic Care Moisture Serum


Active serum for long-lasting hydration with pomegranate to improve the distribution of moisture within the skin and also provides the deep-penetrating moisture which allows it to flow through the skin better.

Basic Care Moisture Cream


A light gel-cream for oily and combination skin. Contains panthenol and rich starch to balance oily areas. For a mattify appearance and provides intensive moisture.

Daily Purifying Cream



A light, 24h cream with horsetail extract to clarify impure skin. Effectively combats skin blemishes and regulates sebum production. Gives the complexion a clear and even complexion. 

Mimical Control Wrinkle Filler


It relieves micro-tensions in the skin by blocking the nerve impulse that is needed for constant contractions of the muscle cells. Leaving the skin more relaxes and reduces the expression, fine lines. 

HSR Lifting Extra Firm Eye Cream


Fines lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and continuously the eye area looks smoother. A highly effective anti-wrinkle cream for the eye area. Ophthalmologist tested and fragrance free. 

3D Lifting Fluid


Intensively rejuvenating for the face that is tired and weak. With extract of elderflower blossom it smoothes out lines, firms the tissue and skin contours. 

Ultimate Repair Cleanser


Smooth mild cleansing milk that cleanses intensively thoroughly yet gentle and removes dirt, make up and sebum effortlessly. Suitable for cosmetic-post operative skin and promotes recovery process. 

Pure Fluid

A clarifying fluid that provides instant relief to blemishes and inflammations with tea- tree oil, proven to reduce comedones and works quickly to provide a visibly clarified complexion.

New Skin Fluid

A fluid to regulate the oil and moisture balance. The intensive regeneration of the skin’s own protection barrier. Suitable for dry skin and helps to smoothes the flaky areas of the skin.

Anti-Stress Fluid

Instant relief for sensitive skin, a fluid that provides instant relief and calming properties. With sun flower oil prevents the feeling of tightness and redness. The skin appears relaxed and balance.

Dr Babor Wrinkle Control Fluid

An active emulsion with an instant lifting effect to smooth and firms the skin. Suitable for skin that is in demand with wrinkles and expression lines. With a long lasting effect by releasing micro-tensions in the skin.

Dr Babor Spot Reducer Serum


This serum reduces the formation and existing pigmentation with daisy extract to ensure an even complexion. Suitable for all skin types. Apply after cleansing of face on areas to be treated.