Body Spa Services

Body Spa Services



Radio Frequency Fat Burning & Firming

Utilising deep heat to burn fat by liquidification, this treatment facilitates lymph circulation, increases cell metabolism, breaks down stubborn cellulite and firms your body.


Improves blood circulation as well as detoxification and waste removal through perspiration. In addition, this treatment enhances the penetration of slimming products and contring the effects of weight loss.

Body Contouring

Aids in firming and toning as well as contouring and shaping your body.

Blissful Body Scrub

This rose therapy removes dead skin cells leaving the body smooth and rejuvenated.

Body Mud Therapy

This detoxing deat detaining therapy provides a warm, comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Relax Therapy

This Relax Therapy provides a comfortable and relaxed feeling using aroma oils.

Anti-Acne Back Treatment

Acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.
Removes excess oil and normalizes sebum production reducing marks and acne blemishes. Detox Mask that pampers your skin.

Hydo Therapy Steam Bath

Luxuriate yourself in the comfor of a sun spa steam bath with premium grade aroma oils which help you to relax and detox.

Body Waxing

Removes all your unwanted excessive body hair and leaves your skin smooth and hairless.

Ear Candling

This Ear Candling helps to relieve pains, sinus problems, excessive wax and debris via a process called convection. Toxins are drawn out from the ear and vaporised. Ear candling is a form of spiritual healing to clear the mind and senses.